An iPad a Day...

When Apple launched the iPad this past April much speculation circulated about its use in the healthcare space. Just two months later we are seeing the first wave of iPads deployed to the field with a hospital in California sending 100 to healthcare workers, and by Otsuka Pharma who doled out 1,300 for their reps to assist in marketing activities.

By: HDMZ Staff

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Ah, The Good Ol’ Days – The Boom of Nostalgia Marketing

From throwback jerseys in sports to retro editions of your favorite children’s cereal, old school has never been more popular. Turns out that the phenomenon is not due to marketers, brand managers and product development teams running out of good ideas, but that because we humans are wired to mostly remember the good times.

By: Dillon Allie

Topics: Marketing

Making the Most of Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Having watched and helped develop biotech company presentations for many years, I can recommend some basic rules of play that can help make your presentation the one that stands out. Every company has a different story to tell but mostly the presentations are in the same format, in the same room, and to the same people. So how can you be the one who stands out in the crowd?

By: Barbara Lavery

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A Digital Helping Hand for Clinical Trial Recruiting

Recruiting for clinical trials often takes months and sometimes years depending on the type of patients needed. With critical corporate and medical deadlines to fill trials, the interactive space becomes all the more important to expand recruitment practices. An excellent example of this in action can be seen with the Army of Women breast cancer project we launched for the Dr. Susan Love Foundation in October 2008.

By: HDMZ Staff


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