Two Ways Your Website Bounce Rate is Actionable

Since high bounce rates identify pages and marketing activities that are key points of failure, fixing them is a step toward increased content consumption, goal completions and transactions.

By: Digital Marketing

Topics: audience engagement Bounce Rate content consumption

Misunderstood Scientists: What Do They Need?

Scientists and their achievements occupy an ambiguous position in the public mind. They are very often seen as dangerous disruptors of the status quo and traditional belief systems.

By: Alan Zachary is a member of the Scientific Communications Unit at HDMZ, Inc.

Topics: Misunderstood Scientists scientific communication

The Significance Behind the Bounce Rate Metric in Google Analytics

Of all the baseline metrics you’ll encounter in your Google Analytics reports, bounce rate is the most important. It’s a gateway metric that provides unique insights for improving site engagement.

By: Digital Marketing Team

Topics: Bounce Rate Google Analytics web analytics

Narrative: The Marketing Tool Life Science Companies Constantly Forget

Which of these opening words to a narrative makes you want to read whatever text follows?

By: Ryan Ferrell [Director of Scientific Communications] & Alan Zachary [Director of Media Relations]

Topics: behaviour change narrative news release story writing

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