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It's been four years since everyone forwarded Ethan Marcotte's article around, and the "fixed versus fluid" discussion changed, becoming about how to achieve fluidity.

Zoomedia & Harris D. McKinney Join Forces

For the last 16 years, Zoomedia has been leading interactive communications for the life sciences. Today, we are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with Harris D. McKinney, a leading life science marketing and brand communications agency.

Is Social Media Part of your Communications Plan?

Social is not going away. The internet is now a venue for dialogue—whether it's chatting with friends on Facebook or tweeting job openings for your company. Social is one more tool in your communications strategy and can be used effectively if you make it a manageable part of your communications plan.

By the Numbers: The Science of Social

A couple weeks ago, HDMZ partnered with Janssen Labs to host Social Media 101: How to Raise Your Company's Voice. The audience raised a number of excellent, thoughtful questions to which the usual answer was, "It depends!", followed by CliffsNotes summary of the variables to consider.

By: Christine Bennett

Topics: Social Media

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