Best Practices for Creating 404 “Not Found” Pages

Although 404 (“Not Found”) pages do not factor into Google’s assessment of your site’s quality, Google does make recommendations on optimal 404 pages.

SEO Best Practices for Meta Descriptions

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The Importance of Digital Marketing Goals and KPIs

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Landing Pages That Convert: Conversion Optimization Best Practices

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Google Analytics: Understanding Your Account Structure

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Is Social Media Part of your Communications Plan?

Social is not going away. The internet is now a venue for dialogue—whether it's chatting with friends on Facebook or tweeting job openings for your company. Social is one more tool in your communications strategy and can be used effectively if you make it…

HDMZ & Social Media: Applying Best Practices Internally (Part 2)

Part 2 – Beginning the Hunt: Congratulations—you're now the proud parent of your company's social media efforts. It's a beautiful thing—overflowing with life and squirming with potential—but from where you're seated, it looks like it's gonna be messy and …

Five Quick Ways to Maximize Your Online Presence in 2014

2014 has started with a bang, and it is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you are using the web to your advantage. Technology has outpaced itself yet again in the last year, and the opportunities

HDMZ & Social Media: Applying Best Practices Internally Part 2 – Beginning the Hunt

Congratulations—you're now the proud parent of your company’s social media efforts. It’s a beautiful thing—overflowing with life and squirming with potential—but from where you’re seated, it looks like it’s gonna be messy and require you to imbibe copious…