When Apple launched the iPad this past April much speculation circulated about its use in the healthcare space. Just two months later we are seeing the first wave of iPads deployed to the field with a hospital in California sending 100 to healthcare workers, and by Otsuka Pharma who doled out 1,300 for their reps to assist in marketing activities. iPads offer an interesting mix of opportunities for healthcare companies that warrant consideration:

Sales and Marketing

Docs have increasingly less time for reps and so the speedy device with its simple user interface makes it a quick and effective e-detailing tool.


Sales Force Notifications

Updates to sales materials and strategies can be made instantaneously through wireless transmission. Sales reps can get alerts as soon as new material is available and use it on their calls.


Medical Education

Crisp color graphics and the large viewable area enhance the education experience and can also be used at the bedside for care instructions and/or alerts.


Health Tracking

Mobile health-tracking applications already exist but the iPad\\\'s size and resolution provide an even easier and more engaging experience that can promote compliance. The collected health information will eventually be tied to a Personal Health Record (PHR) and to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and wirelessly transferred to the care team for further health analysis.


Patient-Clinician Relationship

In-office visits will happen faster as personal health information is literally at the fingertips. In fact, an ER doctor from Beth Israel Medical Center has already posted a positive review of the iPad.

Without a doubt we will be seeing more mobile applications for health tracking, education and promotion in the coming months. HDMZ is currently working with several clients to upgrade their websites for mobile browsing and integration with mobile applications.