You  are using custom landing pages for your inbound marketing campaigns, right? Your PPC traffic is not being sent to standard website pages (let alone your homepage) — is it?

If it is, you are leaving a ton of money on the table:

Online advertising with custom landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%.

How can you make the most of your landing pages?

Key Components of an Effective Landing Page

Unlike standard web pages, campaign landing pages have one major objective: to achieve the conversion goal critical to your business’ success. More often than not, this involves converting visitors into leads.

To achieve this all-important goal, follow these best practices:

  1. Reduced navigation menus: narrow the chance of your visitors leaving (before converting) by limiting available navigation options to mission-critical links such as “contact us”, “resources”, or “pipeline”.

  2. Headline: your H1 page headline should have an intrinsic connection with the ad language that brought visitors to your page. It should clearly and concisely answer the question, “What will visitors who convert on this page receive?”

  3. Image: landing pages with a relevant image give visitors a tangible idea of what they will receive and make landing pages more visually appealing.
  4. Value-based copy: effective copy lists benefits briefly and clearly. Use bullet points to demonstrate takeaways and break up large blocks of text.
  5. Lead capture form: As a best practice, keep your form short and sweet; only ask for the information you need. Reduce anxiety by adding a privacy message (or link to your privacy policy) that assures visitors that contact information will not be shared or sold.
  6. Clear CTA: Your call to action (CTA) button should combine design and copywriting best practices. Avoid generic words like ‘submit’; use action words (‘download’, ‘register’) instead. Make your buttons stand out with contrasting colors that can’t be missed.
  7. Testing: Maximize conversions by running A/B tests on your landing pages. Keep your results simple by only comparing a control page against a variation with one minor or major difference at a time.

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