Best Practices for B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing reaches your target audience with the right information at the right time. This means not only showing what you can do, but who you are to your audience.

MedData Survey: How Physicians Engage on LinkedIn

In a recent MedData Point survey, U.S. physicians weigh in on how engaging their circle of influence on LinkedIn facilitates knowledge sharing and online presence.

Does Social Media Affect Google Organic Search (SEO) Rankings?

How does social media affect Google’s Organic Search Engine Rankings (SEO)? We’ve gathered the latest answers -- learn why you need to make social part of your content marketing plan!

Is Social Media Part of your Communications Plan?

Social is not going away. The internet is now a venue for dialogue—whether it's chatting with friends on Facebook or tweeting job openings for your company. Social is one more tool in your communications strategy and can be used effectively if you make it…

By the Numbers: The Science of Social

A couple weeks ago, HDMZ partnered with Janssen Labs to host Social Media 101: How to Raise Your Company's Voice. The audience raised a number of excellent, thoughtful questions to which the usual answer was, "It depends!", followed by CliffsNotes summary…

HDMZ & Social Media: Applying Best Practices Internally (Part 2)

Part 2 – Beginning the Hunt: Congratulations—you're now the proud parent of your company's social media efforts. It's a beautiful thing—overflowing with life and squirming with potential—but from where you're seated, it looks like it's gonna be messy and …

HDMZ & Social Media: Applying Best Practices Internally (Part 1)

Part 1 – Answering the "Why?" and Gathering Support: This post, the first of a series, will share a glimpse into our internal steps toward revitalizing this essential aspect of our marketing strategy. We will begin with an honest audit of objectives and e…

4 Ways Biotech and Pharma Companies can Increase Awareness on LinkedIn

In November 2012, Sociagility conducted a study which revealed that two-thirds of FTSE 100 companies are failing at social media. As we all know, there is a plethora of social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and LinkedIn, to name a few. With …

Is the Life Science Industry Embracing Social Media in 2013?

The healthcare community is changing with incredible speed, and one of the major contributors to this change is the dramatic increase in healthcare communications brought on by social media