Breadcrumb Navigation & SEO

Breadcrumb navigation can improve SEO and user experience. Learn more about breadcrumb navigation and best practices for including this in your website!

5 Recent Google Updates You Can’t Miss

HDMZ’s Digital Marketing team brings you 5 of the most recent updates from Google, including hidden content indexing, breadcrumbs, SEO, geotargeting, and Google Posts!

Expandable Tab Content Will Be Given Full SEO Weight in Google’s Mobile-First Index

Google has always crawled websites to deliver SERPs (search engine result pages), with the goal of efficiently delivering the most relevant, exceptional results to the majority of its users.

SEO Best Practices for Title Tags

Learn best practices for optimizing your title tags. Gain higher click rates from your organic listings. Optimize your title tags today!

Google Answer Boxes: A Great Way to Boost Organic Traffic

When a search query looks like a question, Google increasingly displays a featured snippet, also known as an Answer Box, in the SERPs. Having your site’s content featured in these Answer Boxes is a great way to boost organic (SEO) traffic!

Google Experiments With Mobile-First Indexing

On November 4, 2016, Google announced it had started “experiments to make our index mobile-first.” Their “algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages.”

Google Announces RankBrain Takeover

Google has announced that its AI, machine-learning algorithm RankBrain is now handling all organic search queries. Find out how this affects your SEO efforts!

Does Social Media Affect Google Organic Search (SEO) Rankings?

How does social media affect Google’s Organic Search Engine Rankings (SEO)? We’ve gathered the latest answers -- learn why you need to make social part of your content marketing plan!

Pharma is Tweeting, Are You Following?

A recent report shows Pharma companies to be taking a larger presence in social media than ever before. Not only are pharma companies bigger in overall presence (follower numbers, corporate participation and evolution of expertise), the trends and involve…

No More SEO Keywords: Four Steps You Can Take Now

Did you know? Google has updated search engine privacy, and SEO keyword analysis is about to go extinct.