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There has been a lot of talk in the media recently regarding Ad Blockers on Apple platforms. With Mobile ad spend set to overtake Desktop ad spend in 2017, what does that mean for your company? Let’s take a look at what defines an Ad Blocker and how you can work around the alarming trend.

Ad blockers are applications (like plugins or browser extensions) that remove or alter advertising content on a webpage. On Apple platforms specifically, these are called “content blockers”, and they allow users to install ad blocking applications directly from the App Store. These apps allow users to easily block advertising, trackers, and other third-party scripts… including your ads.

Important current information on Ad Blockers to note:

  • Right now, Apple ad blockers only apply to the Safari App on iPhones and iPads. This does not affect ads that display in standalone apps or non-Safari browsers.
  • Apple ad blockers are predicted to cost $1B in lost revenue… but that is less than 0.05% of the total global digital advertising spend. By 2017, mobile display ad revenue alone will surpass desktop, reaching an estimated $55 billion in total spend. While still a substantial loss, this is only a small piece of the total digital advertising pie.
  • Ad Blockers can skew Google’s AdWords and Analytics data reporting, though actual website user experience isn’t affected. Mobile traffic for most of our clients still only makes up about ~5-10% of total traffic, which reduces the impact of such data abnormalities on overall metrics.

If you run any sort of ad campaign, what are some solutions to this issue? First of all, Sponsored Content is a great way to draw more visitors to your site. This advertising method isn’t affected by ad blockers, and is typically more useful and authoritative than typical mobile ads. Otherwise, industry experts advise to stay the course. Ad blocker trends aren’t likely to dramatically affect your traffic or how you do business. Monitor your traffic for any changes over time, adjust as the landscape shifts, and stay tuned in to future updates from Apple and other major tech giants.

Thank you for reading! The team at HDMZ wishes you a happy holiday season!