MedData Survey: How Physicians Engage on LinkedIn

MedData Survey: How Physicians Engage on LinkedIn | HDMZ BlogMedData Point is a market research program powered by MedData Group. They leverage a database of more than 2 million healthcare professionals to collect and analyze insights across of a variety of specialities and practice sizes. This survey data is reflective of 150 physicians in the U.S.

52% of HCPs Report Using LinkedIn At Least Monthly

Forty-one percent of respondents say their top reason for taking advantage of LinkedIn’s 250 million user base is to expand their professional network. They also cite the ease of increasing their professional online presence, and keeping pace with the latest in healthcare speciality news.

Of those physicians who report not having a LinkedIn profile, 87% are over the age of 45.

Knowledge Sharing & Upcoming Events: Putting a Face On Practice Management

From the web to the waiting room, healthcare professionals are turning to LinkedIn for recommendations to achieve their business goals. Forty-one percent of respondents read news and articles pertaining to practice management or medical tech. Meanwhile, conferences and event information comprise 28% of consumed posts, thus reinforcing connections made offline.   

85% of Physicians With a LinkedIn Profile Actively Post New Content  

LinkedIn’s professional audience is a gateway to top business insiders, leadership talking points, and career development opportunities. In fact, the content posted by HCPs is 32% non-healthcare related topics, reflecting the influence of healthcare thought leaders throughout other verticals. Additionally, a combined 30% of posts detail the latest advancements in medical technology, drug information, practice management, and medical device development.  

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By: Valerie Lentz
Topics: HCPs Infographic LinkedIn Social Media