Strategies to Win Google’s Featured Snippet Spot for Mobile

What is a featured snippet?

Featured snippets appear on Google as the first search result when information is being pulled from a source other than Google. They appear on both desktop and mobile (below) and data from multiple sources show that gaining this top spot can be the key to increased traffic.

How does a website earn a featured snippet?

There is no “automatic” way to ensure your site appears as a Featured Snippet. In a recent study, SEMRush analyzed which search results earn Google’s featured snippet spot on mobile. Here are five strategies to increase your chances of earning a spot in Featured Snippets:

  1. Rank in the top five on SERPs

    • The study shows 94% of featured snippets rank in the top five search results.

  2. Structure your content effectively

    • Use headings and subheadings to break up longer content, which helps readability on mobile. On average, 22 headings and subheadings (per page) were used in top performers.

    • Q&A and comparative statements are the most featured snippet result types.

  3. Have a well-structured URL

    • Use secure URLs (HTTPS) – 83% of featured snippet URLs are secure.

    • Use an organized sitemap, with easy-to-read, optimized URL paths.

  4. Create a good mobile user-experience

    • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly – the average mobile-friendly and mobile-usability scores were 95/100 for featured snippet results.

    • Add images. Pages with visuals to break up text ranked higher.

  5. Write well and with citations

    • Highest ranking pages had at least a 7th grade reading level and included external links.

Mobile featured snippets help in drive traffic to your mobile site and we want to help! If you have questions and would like to discuss your SERP ranking further, send us a note.

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By: Kelsie Travers
Topics: Featured Snippets Mobile Friendly Organic Traffic SEO SERPs