About HDMZ


Take a bunch of programmers, designers, developers, scientists, technical writers, journalists, strategists, artists, dreamers and process junkies and throw them all in a room (well, actually two rooms—one in Chicago and one in San Francisco) and out comes HDMZ. Together, we provide healthcare and science brands with an integrated approach to solving complex communications challenges. Working with large established corporations and start-ups alike, HDMZ knows businesses need more than just a press release, a website or a one-off ad campaign. Today’s marketer is looking for a partner that can help them deliver an immersive brand experience through the most effective combination of channels and platforms, and that’s what we do best.


HDMZ was formed in 2013 and is the result of Harris D. McKinney (HDM) and Zoomedia (Z) — two leading life sciences agencies coming together as one truly integrated marketing communications agency engineered to serve the life sciences and healthcare.



Uncovering valuable data about your customers starts with knowing who to talk to and what to ask.


This is the “ah-ha” moment—the singular great observation that turns ordinary information into powerful ideas.


It’s the insight-driven creative that hits a nerve with your audience and inspires action.

Input at HDMZ
Insight at HDMZ
Inspiration at HDMZ
Implementation at HDMZ
Impact at HDMZ


Reaching your audience takes delivering the right message, in the right form, at the right time.



Whether it’s revenue, leads, conversations or conversions, it’s important to keep score. The right data drives the next big idea.



  • Daniel Hoexter

    Daniel Hoexter

    President & CEO

  • Rebecca Angelos

    Rebecca Angelos

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Dillon Allie

    Dillon Allie

    Senior Vice President, Client Services

  • Hooshna Amaria

    Hooshna Amaria

    Vice President, Client Services

  • Katie Cibula

    Katie Cibula

    Vice President, Client Services

  • Seth Schwartz

    Seth Schwartz

    Vice President, Client Services & Digital Strategy

  • Mike Nienow

    Mike Nienow

    Creative Director

  • John Pantlind

    John Pantlind

    Director, Media

  • Justin Bane

    Justin Bane

    Director, Technology

  • David Siegelman

    David Siegelman

    Director, Production Services

  • Christine Bennett

    Christine Bennett

    Director, Digital Marketing


HDMZ is a proud member of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA).

HDMZ is a proud member of American Association of Advertising Agencies

As an equity partner of Confrad International—a network of independent marketing communications agencies in Europe, Asia and North America—HDMZ is a part of a strong alliance dedicated to helping clients develop, launch and sustain highly successful international marketing campaigns.

HDMZ Equity partner - Confrad International

As a Premier Google Partner, HDMZ has demonstrated our commitment to excellence. Our Digital Marketing team is certified across a variety of platforms and networks, proving our dedication to successful campaigns while staying up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of Google Analytics, data insights and relevant tools, search engine rankings, social media, AdWords and similar advertising platforms.



HDMZ Equity partner - Ariba Network