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Is your site mobile-friendly? Earlier this year, a long-anticipated change to Google’s search algorithms made a “significant impact” on all mobile searches in every language worldwide. Websites with mobile-friendly architecture and design are rewarded as being of “higher quality”, resulting in improved search engine rankings on mobile devices.

Here are 4 ways to ways to make sure your site is mobile-friendly:

  • Check it out yourself! Browse your site on handy mobile devices, and spot-check that it’s easy to read and that all links, buttons and calls-to-action are visible and easy to click.
  • Run a ‘device’ report from Google Analytics (or have us do it for you!) to see the most-used devices and screen resolutions for your website visitors.
  • Site admins can test a site’s mobile compatibility using Google’s Mobile Usability Report in your Webmaster Tools dashboard to quickly evaluate the status of a page.
  • Check Google’s guide to mobile-friendly sites and try their Mobile-Friendly Test tool for a page-by-page check

To learn more about improving your search engine mobile ranking, send us a note at webmaster@hdmz.com.