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Strong brands stand apart

The cutting edge of the life sciences is often defined by new technology and instrumentation, along with the supplies and reagents that support them. Currently, longtime leaders in the field often find themselves coming up against audience perceptions of commoditization, even as the technology advances by leaps and bounds, which creates unique challenges for amplifying a company’s brand and voice.


At HDMZ, we’ve developed a deep understanding of these challenges through a combination of market segment expertise and real-world experience in life science research to provide our partners with the solutions they need to overcome them.

What we do well

How we empower our partners in the world of life science tools & consumables


Website design & development

Ground-up enterprise website development to support and manage extensive product information catalogs

Engineering of eStores and web portals for complex, technical orders



Trade show support

Design and production of interactive booths

Collateral development and branding

Omnichannel coordination of media, digital marketing, and public relations


Corporate & product branding

Stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and brand platform workshops to establish a strong brand identity

Compelling creative & messaging campaigns that differentiate your brand and bring it to life


Public relations

Strategies that organically earn industry trust and recognition, and accurately and authentically differentiate your organization’s solutions from your competitors'

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Creative services

Compelling and dynamic creative to distinguish and illustrate complex product portfolios


Media & digital marketing

Strategic use of paid search and social ads (e.g., Google, LinkedIn) and trade media ads to increase awareness and drive customer interaction

Our Experience

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