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Demonstrate innovation to communicate value

Innovations in omic sciences — including next-generation genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics — are driving a revolution in molecular diagnostics that is dramatically accelerating improvements in healthcare outcomes. Yet, as new diagnostic modalities face an uphill battle for adoption against entrenched standards of care, diagnostic innovators are faced with the challenge of creating powerful, demonstrative communications that expertly position their technology within the healthcare landscape.


At HDMZ, we understand the obstacles you face, and provide strategies to overcome them. With industry expertise and a passion for the life sciences, we’re here to get your story out into the world.

What we do well

How HDMZ helps companies in the world of molecular & clinical diagnostics



Development of an authentic brand and a strategic approach to communicate with every audience


Media & digital marketing

Strategic use of paid search and social ads (e.g., Google, LinkedIn) and trade media ads to increase awareness and drive customer interaction


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Creative services

Compelling and dynamic creative that distinguishes your mission, and brings your technology to life


Content creation

Content that demonstrates industry expertise, and showcases key information

Dynamic website copy that speaks to a variety of target audiences, including clinicians and patients

Case studies to illustrate real-world relevance of your diagnostics


Public relations

Strategic identification and pursuit of critical trade and mainstream media to communicate key data and other significant aspects of your brand

Major industry awards and participation in high-profile industry events


Website design & development

A scalable, dynamic website that aligns with your mission and evolving strategic direction, and consistently showcases your company’s personality

User experience design that accommodates a variety of user journeys for multiple distinct audiences (e.g., clinicians, lab directors, patients, investors)

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