It's a widely acknowledged truism that content is king—and that's especially true in the Web Communications space. A website that says nothing, literally or figuratively, has no purpose; without purpose, there are no KPIs to pore over and analyze, there are no messages to refine, and no leads generated. However, what the importance of content means and how businesses can adapt is a complicated question that can only be understood within the context of what content is at the start of the third decade of the 21st Century.

Even with relatively simple corporate communications websites, it is a rare thing for one to be completely self-contained. Today these sites contain components that consume content from a myriad of sources, be they IR, HR, business partners, or translation services. They can communicate with business-specific applications such as document vaults and pipeline tools, marketing and sales applications, and product information providers. And the site itself can be the source of truth for corporate intranets and product sites, pulling in press releases, news, management bios and product information to name a few.

So, what is content today?

Content isn't a thing anymore, it's a two-way conversation in which data is exchanged between syndicators and consumers and any given website can at different times be either or both.


What all of this means is that your corporate website will serve many purposes and many stakeholders, and the myriad forms of content syndication mean you need a data-centric infrastructure that can scale with your web properties over time. At HDMZ, we are focused on serving these complicated data/content needs by choosing the right platform for the job. More often than not, the right tool is the open-source Enterprise Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Pimcore.


APIs to Connect Anything
Pimcore enables you to take charge of data integration through easy import and export of data between Pimcore and external systems. Its forward-thinking design is powered by a 100% API-driven software architecture. This allows for an unimaginable depth and extent of connectivity with business enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, ...) and external 3rd party applications. 


Pimcore provides robust content, asset and product management, all within a strong framework of data management and modeling so that all of the pieces of your site talk to each other, and the while communicates with whatever other system your team deploys. By making the data the centerpiece of your technology framework strategy you are giving yourself and your site the best opportunity to scale to even more varied content over time.

HDMZ’s digital solutions team is more than happy to provide a product demonstration if you’re curious about Pimcore, DXP functionality, or how a robust website framework would improve your website experience. Drop us a line!