One year later, reflecting on an amazing concert and agency life, here are four things I learned from the Rolling Stones:

  1. Have fun doing what you do and let it show to those for whom you're doing it. Passion matters.
  2. It's ok to mess up, especially if you apologize and deliver on everything else. Half the band started Midnight Rambler instead of Paint It Black. They stopped, had a laugh, and moved on.
  3. Know your audience: we came for the hits. We got the hits. The title sponsor was for retirement planning and featured a mini-golf exhibit. They had reusable plastic cups that could be returned including the $3 to purchase/rent them to lessen the burden on the environment.
  4. Music is power. All the feels. Consider adding it to pitch decks, in-booth experiences (when we're allowed to get together in person again of course), your website, virtual events, etc.