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“Is Twitter useful for reaching my audience?”

We hear this question frequently. Sometimes the answer is, wholeheartedly, “yes!”, but more often our answer is “maybe!” Within the complex, real-time tweet-scape, there are opportunities for success, especially for a client seeking brand awareness or lead generation in a B2B approach.

Adapted from Twitter’s B2B Thought Leadership blog, here are a few guiding principles we use to make our clients successful:

  • 96% of B2B buyers say they want content from industry thought leaders. Prove your moxie by sharing content leadership from various levels of your organization. CXOs down to data analysts can all share unique insights that sway your target audience.

  • On the other side of the coin, Twitter can be a simple way to identify individuals and organizations whose opinions matter to decision makers at your target accounts. Dedicate some time each month to develop relationships (read: communicate!) with Tweeps who are involved with your target personas.

  • Provide resources that educate. The “cocktail rule” of social media still holds true. The real-time pace of Twitter content means superficial selling tactics will not earn engagement.

  • Have a perspective on your industry, best practices, buzzwords, or new advances. Your Twitter feed is an opportunity to place a thought-provoking stake in the conversation, and find listening ears who care.

  • BONUS: Did you know you can use Twitter Analytics to measure how your tweets perform? (We’re all about knowing the numbers here at HDMZ.) Compare your internal thought-leadership content with third-party articles you share. Measure, adapt, and evolve your tactics as you learn what resonates best.

Crafting an effective B2B strategy on Twitter is a matter of carefully listening and sharing, while making the most of a highly engaged audience. HDMZ’s communications team is here to help: drop us a line!