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Kelly Kester, HDMZ Account Executive and self-proclaimed "RunNerd", spoke to a crowd at last night's Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C²ST) SpeakEasy.

Kelly spoke about "The Metabolism of a Marathon", specifically how the human body copes with the toll of running for 26.2 miles.

Drawing from her personal experience of running marathons as well as her scientific specialties stemming from her master's degree in Clinical Nutrition, Kelly spoke with insight about the physiological challenges and surprising sights unique to the long-distance running experience.

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About Kelly

Kelly L Kester, MS, RD, LDN, is an Account Executive at HDMZ. She started her career in Clinical Research as a Registered Dietitian after graduating with her master's in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University Medical Center. A self-proclaimed "RunNerd," Kelly qualified for the Boston Marathon during the 2015 Chicago Marathon. She has completed marathons from Athens Greece to her hometown of Chicago.

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In establishing the Chicago Council on Science and Technology in 2006, the founders sought to bring together Chicago’s scientific leaders—academic, corporate, government, museums, universities and national laboratories—to provide a forum for the discussion of current issues of scientific interest.

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