A recent report shows Pharma companies to be taking a larger presence in social media than ever before. Not only are pharma companies bigger in overall presence (follower numbers, corporate participation and evolution of expertise), the trends and involvement is becoming more impactful. Companies like Boehringer and Bayer are leading the way, and with large margins: the German pharma's impact score is almost double that of its closest competitor, Bayer, who in turn leads 3rd-place Novartis by a comfortable margin.

Witness these statistics:

  • In the past two years, the average number of total tweets by pharma has gone up by an impressive 530%

  • Twitter followers have increased by nearly 300%

  • Companies are being rewarded by increased followers for:

    • Posting regularly and frequently

    • Engaging continuously

Since pharma companies with the biggest communities aren’t necessarily the most effective at engaging with their audiences, the report sought to discover whether these successes were incidental or indicative of permanent trends. They found that “[even though] we know pharma companies have been cautious in their approach to social media...our report clearly demonstrates a dramatic and successful increase in activity."

Not limited to pharma, we find these objectives and successes to be true cross-industry, from Life Sciences to Manufacturing, Supply-Chain to Biotech.

Full report: “New Report by Ogilvy Healthworld Highlights Who Leads the Way in Integrated Social Media Marketing.” (Fierce PharmaMarketing, Apr 21, 2015)