One of the most successful social media campaigns to date has just made its run – and Old Spice is suddenly hip again. Those hilarious Old Spice Guy YouTube videos, corresponding Tweets, and 183 personal video responses posted posted on YouTube in a span of three days have vigorously turned the brand around.

The campaign fueled Old Spice brand awareness with new audiences and led to a shocking sales increase of 107% in the past month alone! So, what has made this campaign so successful and what can biotech and pharma learn from it? Here are a few reasons why we think it worked so well:


The real key to the Old Spice campaign was that it responded to its audience in a conversational (and entertaining way). The ads debuted on TV driving people to social channels  - Twitter and YouTube, and then continued with video responses addressed to the most provocative or interesting questions from the audience to keep interest high. What is clear is that response is critical; it benefits from creative delivery, and ensures that your customers know they have been heard.

Cross Media Integration

The initial TV spots were re-distributed through their YouTube channel garnering over 11M views and amplifying the original campaign. The Old Spice Facebook page received 747,000 likes and Twitter won 95,000 followers. Questions submitted through Twitter were then converted into 183 personal video responses from the Old Spice guy to each individual. It is crucial to be able to respond to your followers where they are and give plenty opportunity for them to find you across all media.

Audience Targeting

Know where your audiences are and what their behaviors are. This campaign spoke to women who strongly influence men’s purchase behavior. Who is influential in your market? How can you get your message in front of them? It may not always be whom you think!

The campaign’s success was based in establishing a direct and meaningful connection with the audience. Whether speaking to patients, investors or partners, it is crucial to have a real conversation and encourage engagement.

If you are having a hard time identifying who your audiences are and where they live online, please give us a call! We can help you develop a social media strategy that speaks directly to your audience.

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