Google recently announced a new AdWords beta program called ad suggestions, designed to boost performance of your Search Network campaigns by suggesting variations of your existing text ads.

The beta program is open to select advertisers. If you were selected for beta, you received an email from AdWords notifying you.



Ad suggestions are designed to optimize performance of your paid search campaigns by auto-generating ad variations. These ad variations will be created based on information in your existing ads, including headlines, descriptions, ad extensions, and landing pages to identify ad content to drive the best ROI for advertisers.

During the beta program, advertisers who were selected will see alerts in AdWords and receive corresponding emails whenever the platform suggests new ad variations. Advertisers will have 14 days to review suggestions before ad variations become live. During the review period, advertisers can choose to edit, pause, or remove suggested ads. The ads will automatically be added to the account and go live unless the advertisers chooses to remove or opt out. Ad suggestions can be edited, paused, or removed at any time.

At of October 2017, none of HDMZ’s AdWords clients have been selected for this beta program. HDMZ understands the potential challenges of managing dynamically-suggested ad copy in the regulated landscape in which our clients communicate, and we will continue to monitor status and advise our SEM clients if suggested ad variants become available.


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