How the right tech platform impacts your website’s user experience

A website is more than a static tool. It's a digital property that you'll need to update, reconfigure and add to over time. That means you'll need to start with a modern platform that's built with your users in mind.

The time-tested, traditional path

Traditionally, people have turned to a Content Management System (CMS) to manage their website's content. However, if you're planning on scaling your life science or biotech business over time and want to present an innovative image to your audiences without interruption, a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) might be the best choice for you.

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New times call for new approaches

The right platform works behind the scenes to keep you ahead of the curve. That means DXPs help manage your editing environment, data and assets in a way that's customized for your business, people and audiences. The more adept your system is at managing these factors, the more potential you’ll have for a long-term, impactful, modern and useful website solution.

Tips from HDMZ’s digital solutions experts: Why DXP?

1. Enables You To Scale

Companies who build with or move to a DXP from a CMS have greater ability to handle asset and content management on a larger scale. A DXP allows you to manage, sync, and push content across internal and external systems, improving the customer experience at every point―not just on a single site.

2. Allows for Enhanced (and Impressive) Personalization

DXPs analyze and collect data around customer behavior, which unifies data to create a centralized view of behavior on a macro level, enabling you to personalize campaigns via many digital channels, including social. In addition, these campaigns can be more contextually personalized due to DXPs ability to roll out content that is based on a customer's needs or even what they've shown interest in during previous visits.

3. Streamlines Productivity Across Departments

A DXP eliminates silos by allowing employees to access information or data in a dashboard design that makes the most sense to them, leading to more educated decisions at every level of your business. DXPs can also help you build intranets and manage internal resources. All of this helps to streamline employee productivity. DXPs are especially useful for multilingual organizations, or business units that have many departments with people who think in very different ways.

4. Takes Your Life Science or Biotech Business into the Future

It's not just about having a website anymore. It's about maintaining content and meeting people where they are on multiple channels. DXPs enable this to happen―catapulting your website properties into tomorrow, while still meeting the needs of your business today.

Is DXP right for you?

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