This is what partners do

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics is dedicated to advancing and optimizing the clinical laboratory. Beckman Coulter Diagnostics engaged HDMZ to create a strategic, authentic and appealing communications approach to increase engagement with customers. HDMZ developed the "This is what partners do," corporate brand campaign to put the spotlight on Beckman's customers and their stories of overcoming challenges in today's laboratory healthcare system. The campaign helped customers see the value of Beckman Coulter's offerings in ways they could easily understand and relate to.


Project components

Branding Creative Media Content Creation
A copy of a Beckman Coulter ad with a pair of reading glasses beside it
An elderly person carries a child whom is pointing into the distance. Header text: Elevate, this is what partners do
A stock image of a person holding a tablet displaying the Beckman Coulter website
A dynamic arrangement of various Beckman Coulter campaign elements