Ultra-small CRISPR, Mammoth impact

A decade after the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of CRISPR genome editing, Mammoth Biosciences utilizes its protein discovery engine to harness a robust pipeline of novel “ultra-small” CRISPR systems, driving the technology’s next-generation development. Particularly well-suited to enable reliable in vivo therapeutic editing, Mammoth’s unique platform stands to transform the continuum of care with the potential to permanently cure genetic disease. Beyond healthcare, the company’s CRISPR technology platform enables applications including decentralized precision diagnostics, agriculture, and more.

For the past two years, HDMZ has been the public relations agency of record for Mammoth Biosciences. In that time HDMZ applied a strategic and proactive earned media relations campaign to facilitate the evolution and diversification of Mammoth’s story. With over 160 earned media placements, industry awards wins and major event participation, the efforts have led to worldwide recognition with the biotech industry and trade/mainstream press.



Project components

Public Relations
Two awards from Fast Company and Endpoints are displayed. Text: Earning industry-wide recognition with key award wins.
A peson scrolling on a tablet. Text: 4x the earned articles as its main competitor.
A model computer screen, tablet screen and cell phone screen display various media coverage on Mammoth.
A person holds a tablet. The screen features a Forbes article about Mammoth's CRISPR technology.
A quote from CNBC is displayed on a dark blue background.