Connecting patients everywhere to precision oncology

Oncomine Solutions by Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the world’s premiere next-generation sequencing-based oncology solutions. Their marketing team partnered with HDMZ to support the much-anticipated launch of their Oncomine Dx Express test, the first CE IVD personalized cancer test to ever be realized as a diagnostic assay. HDMZ developed campaign creative, branding, messaging, and dynamic advertising collateral that brought the speed, simplicity, and power of the test to life. The final product — a deep, cohesive campaign that was consistent, well-tested, and well-received.


Project components

Creative Media Messaging Development Custom Photography Tradeshow Brand Development
A woman in a lab coat stands at a laboratory machine.
Two medical professionals talk. Text reads: Connecting patients everywhere to precision oncology. Oncomine Dx Express Test.
Bright, primary colored curved lines intersect around images of a lab worker and a doctor with patient.
A woman and child laugh, framed by colorful lines. Text: Connecting the world to precision oncology, from insight to action.