“It's Tuesday. Or as I now call it: ____ Day”. For some, the work weekdays may seem to blend together as we all learn to adapt to these new circumstances. For others, working from home may already be a reality. We’ve had to quickly learn how to communicate when 100% of our company is remote. The onus is on each of us to make sure we are tackling the day efficiently and effectively, in order to keep up “business as usual”.

We have all read tips for “how to work remotely” and they distill down to the following:

  • Set a routine
  • Have a designated workspace
  • Get dressed for the day
  • Take breaks as you normally would in the office
  • (Hide in the closet while on a conference call to avoid roommates/spouses/children)

These are great for employees who are learning to adapt to remote life for the first time or for the first few days into a company-wide WFH order. But what happens next? We’ve set our schedules, gotten dressed every day, taken lunch breaks, etc. How can we continue to be productive and committed to our clients as working from home remains a cornerstone of our daily lives?

As a Project Manager, I work with all departments (and thrive on their efficiencies). Here’s a list of the good that I have noticed from working remotely the past 2 weeks.

  • Communication is a breeze–Want to talk to someone? Well, now you can’t just go to their desk. When that is taken out of the equation, we realize how simple it is to actually pick up the phone. So many of us have avoided phone calls because walking to someones’ desk or chatting them seemed easier. Now, HDMZers waste no time in picking up the phone or video calling. Plus, seeing faces while communicating is always reassuring (and often fun).
  • Efficiency is top notch–Being direct and clear is crucial in times like these when you can’t rely on walking over to someone’s desk. Ending meetings and emails with clear directives and objectives, leave us feeling confident that we can get the job done on our own, so to speak. We’ve all figured out the nuances between different meeting platforms and chat applications, while also getting over our “fear” of video conferences, all in the name of efficiency.
  • More time to do better–Instead of worrying about catching a train or getting stuck in the office, we can spend this time thoughtfully responding to a client, clearly communicating expectations, finishing a project instead of pushing it off for the morning. Commuting was a way of life for most of us, and we will use it to our advantage now that we don’t need to for the foreseeable future.
  • Positivity is key–We are all in this situation together. The positivity radiating from all departments is undeniable. HDMZers are eager to help and move things forward for the good of the company (and the client). Things may have seemed difficult at first, but we have not crumbled, and instead have banded together.
  • Fulfilling our brand promise–Now more than ever, it is excruciatingly apparent how the clients we serve have the ability to change lives. We help important brands get the attention that they deserve, causing a sense of pride for us. Working remotely has put this goal at the forefront of our minds as we see them help change the world every day.

We know the times may seem uncertain, but one thing will always be certain; HDMZers continue to adapt and contribute in meaningful ways. There is always a silver lining, and we make sure to cling to that. Helping our clients’ do their best work is our specialty and we pride ourselves on being able to work through these trying times to benefit all.

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