Your company website is ready to be launched. Congratulations!

Your beautiful new site is full of cool features, is blazingly fast, and simply amazing. You’re delighted with the design, and  you are pleased with the work of the development team. Everything is just perfect.

Now what?

To launch your new site, you’re going to need a server to host it on. This site has dynamic content, so they will need a database server and some additional space for content.

This new site could attract a significant amount of traffic. But what if the server goes down? You may need a database cluster (multiple servers working together).

And what about the web servers? Only one server is a single point of failure, so you may need more servers!

But what about balancing the traffic between the servers?

Ahh… add a load balancer to the list. And what if you get more traffic than expected? What about security? Monitoring? …

It’s clear that a  cheaper solution is not always the best solution, but is the “cheaper” choice really less expensive?

Nowadays, a modern website is not simple. It’s a complex application (or a group of applications) that relies upon a solid hosting infrastructure. Sure, your IT team can manage the site themselves but over time the hosting infrastructure costs, the management costs and the risks involved might become overwhelming.

Your company website deserves to run over a modern infrastructure, in one of the top cloud service providers一ensuring optimal hosting conditions, speed and the highest security standards. In the end, it’s your company’s presentation card, your business image, and, in many cases, your best sales agent.

HDMZ offers its Clients around the world an end-to-end solution that includes the design, development, and hosting of web applications.

With decades of experience in the life science industry, HDMZ’s specialized engineers have the knowledge, the background and the mind to handle the most secure and complex environments. We’re just a fanatic group of developers, site reliability engineers and webmasters, backed up by the top-notch support engineers from Google and AWS watching out for your site 24x7.

When hosting your website with HDMZ, you’ll receive  these services:

  • Oversized servers infrastructure. More than 50% idle at all times.
  • Autoscalable web servers (will handle traffic spikes gracefully)
  • No single point of failure. Database clusters. Load balancing.
  • Backups every day, multiple times.
  • Granular systems monitoring and real website monitoring with more than 60 probes around the world (yes, even in China)
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Proactive maintenance tasks.
  • Gold Tier contract with cloud providers for technical escalations.
  • Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator.
  • 24x7 emergency IT professional support.
  • Isolated hosting environments.
  • Custom solutions based on your needs.

And now what?

HDMZ’s team is available to review your website hosting specifications. Drop us a line!