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DIY or Hosting with HDMZ?

Your company website deserves optimal hosting conditions, speed, and the highest security standards. Learn why a DIY hosting solution isn’t enough, and what HDMZ’s team offers.

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The Dark Side of Javascript: Why Security Matters

In this month’s blog, we interviewed Neil Bell, a computer scientist and security researcher from UC Berkeley and University of Maryland Baltimore County, to get a download of how Javascript is useful and how it can go terribly wrong in the wrong hands.

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“Not Secure” Browser Warnings Cut Brand Credibility

A new study shows non-secure websites have negative effect on visitor behavior and brand perception. It’s the moment of truth: HTTPS encryption is imperative.

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WordPress: A cautionary tale

Looking at WordPress as a website hosting or content management solution? We share a cautionary tale from a production perspective that could help you make an informed choice.

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