As 2020 dawns, the HDMZ team has gathered a few highlights from the inevitable 2019 year-end wrap ups as well as visionary 2020 predictions. We hope you enjoy!

[Post updated January 7, 2020 with a few additional stories!]

2019 Wrap-Ups:

  1. 2019 in limericks: The highs and lows from the life sciences  [STAT News]
  2. A look at the highs and lows for Facebook in 2019  [Ad Age]
  3. Google Webmaster 2019 Wrap Up  [Google]
  4. SEMrush Global Marketing Day 2019 Podcasts  [SEMrush]
    Neat stuff: 30-60 minute highlights for all areas of digital marketing, from experts in Advertising, Social Strategy, Community Building, and more.
  5. 12 Times Science Proved the World Is Amazing in 2019  [Live Science]

LookING Forward to 2020:

  1. Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020  [Deloitte]
  2. Seeing 2020: 4 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Be Thinking About  [AdRoll]
    Thought leaders share predictions for critical trends:
  • Conversational Marketing
  • AI/ML Powered Data Management
  • Community Marketing
  • Consumer Privacy
  1. What will 2020 bring for medicine and science?  [STAT News]
    A compliation of predictions from 16 thought leaders.
  2. 3 Trends in biotech to watch in 2020  [STAT News]
  3. 3 Stories to watch in health tech in 2020  [STAT News]
  4. A glimpse into what’s coming in 2020  [American Association of Advertising Agencies]
  • Collaboration fatigue is coming. The next iteration of collaborations is co-creation:
    In a time where consumers can immediately see through inauthenticity, brands have to work harder and smarter to make meaningful and lasting partnerships with those that are moving culture.
  • Multimodal design for frictionless user experience: We want digital experiences to operate as frictionlessly as possible, but our devices still don’t speak the same language. The goal is a world in which all of our devices operate with a universal set of controls and commands that feeds a much larger, integrated technological ecosystem.
  1. What Does 2020 Have in Store for the Life Sciences? [BioSpace]
  2. Here are the top tech trends of 2020, according to top experts [Fast Company]
  3. The Outlook for 2020 and Beyond [GEN]
  4. The science stories likely to make headlines in 2020 [Science]
  5. The Advances that Will Shape Life Sciences in the 2020s [The Scientist]