As a Premier Partner, HDMZ follows Google updates and additions very closely. Here are the most exciting updates this quarter:

Integration between Optimize and AdWords

One of Google's most recent updates is the integration of Optimize and AdWords. This goes beyond optimizing Search Ads to help create personalized landing pages. It makes it easier for users to experiment with and test their site content to ensure engagement when a customer reaches the site.

Google Tag Manager Case Study

Google presented this Airbnb case study to show how Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps streamline your marketing efforts and enhance your site. Because of Airbnb's multiple AdWords accounts, in addition to its numerous vendors and conversion tracking, they needed a way to simplify their two- to three-day tag implementation process. GTM took that process down to two hours, while also speeding up their site and making it easier to detect issues with tags.

The digital team at HDMZ is well versed in GTM, so let us know whether you have questions about your site.

Anomaly Detection in Google Analytics

Custom alerts in Google Analytics are not new, but the new Anomaly Detection feature in Analytics can help us determine the statistically significant changes in metrics and dimensions that are causing the anomaly to occur. It can detect daily and weekly anomalies by analyzing data, finding patterns, forecasting values and testing those against previous values. Be sure to chat with us if this is something you would like to see in your reports.

If you are interested in learning more about these updates, join the Google Marketing Live Keynote on July 10th.