Anytime is a good time to perform an SEO audit on your website. Review these quick fixes and optimize your inbound traffic for maximum engagement:

  • Valuable and keyword-rich content: Are the words on each page of your site accurately and colorfully describing what you are intending to say? If not, take a step back. Go page by page and make a list of 10-20 top keywords that you want Google to hit on for someone doing an organic search. Use these keywords to tell a story that weaves through all of them, and use this updated content to draw in more visitors with targeted, valuable information.
  • Improve visual effects: While not directly impacting SEO, improving the look-and-feel of a site will improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase reputability. Consider refreshing visual elements (menu bars, headline design), adding more images, and adding a Favicon to the site.
    • Bonus: Ensure all of your images have an “alt” tag so they can be accurately indexed by search engines. (Need help?)
  • Review Google Analytics or your TIR: Take these steps to incrementally improve engagement, which will improve your ranking with Google:
    • See which pages have the worst (highest) Bounce Rate. These are visitors coming to the page with certain expectations, then leaving immediately when the page isn’t satisfactory. Identify ways to improve the page or page content.
    • See whether visitors are flowing through your site satisfactorily or whether they are dropping out before completing your desired actions. Add cross-site links throughout your site to improve this stat.
  • Register with Google Webmaster Tools: Most importantly, register your sitemap so Google can accurately index all of your pages. (Need help?) Other actions to take in Webmaster Tools that will improve your SEO
    • Check how many times visitors are getting to “page not found” pages and institute server-level redirects (email for the worst offenders. This will improve engagement and reputation with Google.
    • See whether there are any other red flags from the system and address them. Check back into the system on a regular basis as resources allow to troubleshoot anything that arises.

As the SEO-content landscape continues to shift, so does the need to evolve your approach to SEO, content, and digital marketing. The foundation of having quality content remains, but an ongoing push for an effective SEO strategy is catalyzed by ever-greater mobile, social and search activity.

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