During the global coronavirus outbreak, our key priority is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, partners, clients, community members, and, of course, our family members and friends. In addition to doing our part to flatten the curve, we have also taken the necessary operational measures to guarantee everyone's availability to serve our clients, many of whom are taking a direct and active role in treating the pandemic. Our team remains 100% operational during this time.
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At HDMZ, we're committed to improving the way researchers can get their jobs done, but we're usually a few steps removed from the lab itself.

The opportunity to help directly with disease research for COVID-19 has changed that for many of us. Enter the folding@home project (FoldingAtHome.org/COVID19), where research groups "borrow" your spare computing power to crunch through the mountains of data they have. For our audiences old enough to remember the SETI@home project (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) it's a similar concept: crowdsourced computing power for the greater good.

Whether running it on spare gaming computers or just the extra laptop at our desk, HDMZers have contributed digital support for at least one COVID-19 related project so far. We've even created a "HDMZ Team" to collaborate and motivate each other to dedicate precious resources to this critical work.


An example project/work unit the HDMZ folding@home team participated in on Monday, April 6.

If you have spare computing space, we invite you to join us to support this effort. Learn more at FoldingAtHome.org.


And don't miss the awesome progress being made already by these incredible teams: