At HDMZ, we’re regularly asked to prepare media and digital marketing plans to reach specific audiences; rarely are the recipes for success the same. What are the keys to our unique approach?

We are unified. Our cross-departmental approach brings in expert eyes and ears before the pen hits paper. Gearing up with a multi-discipline and omni-channel approach means we’re not missing any opportunities, but it also helps us efficiently narrow and prioritize options quickly. Our teams are fully integrated throughout campaign planning and execution, so tactics are always harmonized. The right hand always knows what the left hand is up to.

We know our audience. Whether we’re trying to reach patients, nurses, purchasers, HCPs, researchers, or caregivers, we become intimately familiar with the conversations and digital behaviors that are most closely tied with each segment’s needs, pain points, responsibilities, trust, and perspective. Each health audience uniquely seeks and shares information, and before inserting our messaging into their journey, HDMZ strives to truly understand and provide value in whatever channel or tactic we develop.

88% of people are more favorable to brands that provide information along every stage of their journey

We take action using data and our gut. When deciding on which channels to execute our creatives and messaging, we do our research. Data steers expectations; we know what to expect, and we layer higher-cost but better-relevance targeting methodologies to reach each audience most effectively. When data is scarce, we fall back on exceptional publisher relationships and an experienced, collaborative digital environment to make the most actionable and insightful recommendations possible.

We believe in trust. Our audiences are becoming more digitally savvy. Our clients are no longer simply competing with competitors; they’re competing against the best website experience their customer has ever had. Every audience—whether patients or caregivers, HCPs or researchers, data managers or executives—all demand trustworthy, emotionally-reliable information delivered quickly. We help brands rise to that challenge.

Nearly 90% of leading marketers say they are building teams that solve for end-to-end customer experiences, and journeys, across channels and devices

We keep it simple. We believe success is measurable, and influence is more important than reach. Our team thrives on engagement indicators rather than vanity metrics, and we work hard to find strategic alignment between costs, click rates, conversion rates, and actual lift, adherence, or purchase goals. The business KPIs of our clients and the real-life experiences of their audiences are our priority. We connect the dots for meaningful measurement and insights.

So, what makes our media and digital marketing plans succeed? We love what we do, and we love who we work with. We are storytellers, artists, data scientists, and leaders. We are committed to making a difference. We are HDMZ.