More than a mission statement.

A phrase I’ll often share with clients is, “Thank you for the opportunity. We’re appreciative of the role our team plays in helping you be successful, and grateful for your continued trust.” It may seem, on the surface, to sound overly deferential or fluffy, but I firmly believe that appreciation, trust and love sum up what it takes to live HDMZ’s mission.

Our agency exists for the sole purpose of advancing scientific progress, discovery and development through meaningful connections and compelling communications. We believe our passion for science can deliver great outcomes. However, you can’t build something meaningful or communicate something that compels action unless you understand the person to whom you’re speaking, and convey that you genuinely care. To that end, our agency has and will continue — especially during this leadership transition — to invest in the right people, processes and tools to ensure we can create those meaningful connections every day on behalf of our clients.

All of our teams — from media relations and scientific and creative content, to digital media and account strategy — have helped transform this agency into one of the top-of-mind life sciences marketing communications agencies in the world. The brands for which our creative and digital teams plan, design and code enterprise websites represent the “who’s who” of biotech and biopharma. We’re really proud of that. But, as the CEO of one of our clients, a $39 billion global science company, once told me and a group of supplier partners, “What got you here today, won’t keep you here tomorrow.” We get that.

Growth is often a word thrown around by senior executives, and most would interpret that to mean revenue or profit. While those are important to any business, they’re lagging indicators of a different kind of growth that happens every day. We’re more interested in growing relationships with our colleagues and clients, and in creating a work environment where everyone’s role is different, but important. If we start with that and do it right, everything else will fall into place.

That’s why, in the summer of 2021, we set out to develop a new strategic plan to ensure each employee has a role in shaping their individual growth opportunities at HDMZ for years to come. It resulted in the promotions of several talented HDMZers, and the creation of a new leadership team. Together, we developed a strategic plan with the goal of being not just “top-of-mind,” but also, the most admired marketing communications agency for life sciences and biotech. And, we’ve already begun the investment of time, talent and resources to make that a reality. 

We’re going to measure our progress against that goal in three ways:

  1. Develop a compelling client portfolio of companies recognized as leaders in their categories, and/or that have the potential to be game changers for their sectors
  2. Maintain sustainable, consistent and profitable growth 
  3. Nurture a “great place to work” culture, where team members feel inspired to be the best they can be, and where everyone’s role and contributions are meaningful 

So, our growth — in the near term and for the next five years — will include additional investments in attracting and retaining the most passionate scientific communicators and medical affairs professionals, artists, developers, digital marketers, and brand strategists that believe in, and live by, our mission and core values. We want those who believe that growth, especially personal growth, is more than just a number — it’s a feeling.

This is an exciting time for our industry. The speed of innovation in clinical development and in new therapies is unparalleled in human history. At the same time, for innovators, the urgency to meaningfully connect with patients, HCPs, lab personnel, employees, investors and the media has increased exponentially. HDMZ can help make those connections possible.

Finally, I would like to leave you with this closing thought: In deference to the leader of the company I mentioned earlier, what will keep HDMZ here tomorrow is recognizing that, at the end of the day, we’re still serving other human beings. Our people do things for others. They don’t do them for companies, or brands. They do their best because they sincerely care about the person at the other end of their hard-earned efforts. 

I’m humbled and honored to oversee the talented team members at HDMZ and to serve our incredible group of clients. What’s more, I’m excited for the challenges that lay ahead, and I’m personally appreciative of the role we can play in helping you be successful. More importantly, I’m truly grateful for, and honored to have, your continued trust, support and confidence.