At HDMZ, we are united and ready to continue serving our clients and our community -- all while working locally. This is no easy feat. It requires communication, strong relationships and motivated people to work together without dropping the ball for our clients.

Like you, we’re doing everything we can to stop the spread of COVID-19. To that end, last Friday we implemented this WFH policy in order to support our community’s efforts to keep COVID-19 at bay. We are able to do this because we have connected our offices across the country with strong technology, collaboration, and teamwork for the last five years.

We’ve witnessed what it’s done to people and communities and we are committed to doing everything we can to usher in the next wave of communications for our customers, while abiding by the recommendations of the CDC.

From the safety and security of our own homes, we’re using technology like shared and secure Google suite, cloud-based file sharing servers, smart phones, video meetings, Slack, Google chat, texts and much much more to stay connected and accountable to our clients and each other. How is your business practicing social distancing while maintaining the highest quality standards for service and production?