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The power of storytelling in science communication

Find out what makes storytelling such an effective tool in helping audiences connect to and understand scientific concepts in a blog by HDMZ’s managing editor.

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Halfway through 2024, cautious optimists have reason to celebrate

BIO 2024 serves a mid-year barometer for how the life sciences industry is faring, and so far, the industry has responded with excitement.

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A Quick Q&A with DNA

It’s DNA day! To celebrate, the content team at HDMZ spoke to a very special guest: DNA, who told us about itself, why it’s more stable than RNA (drama!), and why it gets to play such an important role in your life – and the life of every other living thing.

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Small Molecules are Exciting Again with AI’s Help

Our experts have been closely watching the AI gold rush in biotech and think that it will lead to a boom in small molecule drug development.

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Dillon's Blog August 2022

Putting the recent biotech and life sciences downturn into perspective, and how external partnerships can help be part of the solution.

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What We're Reading - May 2022 Edition

HDMZers have a thirst for knowledge by nature. It’s part of our brand. Take a look at what some of our team members picked up last month!

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4 Ways to Engage HCPs in 2021

With dramatic shifts in the healthcare ecosystem, marketers have shifted efforts across channels and tactics. Read on for 4 strategies to engage MDs, PAs, and NPs from the latest MM&M eBook, “Engaging the HCP.”

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What are our clients doing to help stop COVID-19?

Many of HDMZ clients are working to help stop COVID-19, including supply chain reinforcements, diagnostic testing, and vaccines. Read on to learn how these teams are doing what they do best: using science to solve this problem.

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Prepared to Take Action in Unprecedented Times

At HDMZ, we’re working from home in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean we’ve taken a laissez-faire approach to helping our clients.

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Five Tips for Communicating Throughout a Crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis ruled by increased pressures and demands on the healthcare and life sciences industries. Read on for five tips on communicating effectively during these unprecedented times.

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