It’s commonly believed that creative people are just born that way. It’s a skill that comes to someone naturally or one simply doesn’t possess it. However, creativity, just like any other ability or talent, needs to be continuously nurtured. In fact, many experts believe the only thing that is different about “creative” people is that they’re often better at putting themselves in situations that allow them to foster and nourish this skill set.

In this blog post, we’ll share three amazing ways you can instantly boost your creative problem-solving abilities.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone 
    There’s a reason they call it a "comfort zone". It's because it’s convenient and safe. However, a comfort zone can also be a place that offers us very little opportunity to grow and improve. Pushing yourself to try something new is a great way to form new synapses in the brain, which helps you see things differently, in turn elevating your ability to think of new ways to solve old problems. So, if you’re an urbanite, try a hike. If you’re the analytical type, try drawing a landscape. Furthermore, a vacation in a foreign country has the power to change anyone’s understanding of our seemingly fixed and comfortable world. Make note of how these experiences impact your thinking, so that when you find yourself in another creative slump, you’ll have an understanding of the activities that help you improve your brainpower.
  2. Cultivate your curiosity
    Comprehending the great mysteries of life isn’t an activity that’s just for philosophers. Everyone should think about the mysteries of life. Why are we here? What is our collective purpose? Many scientists think about these things on an anatomical, molecular or chemical level. However, take the time to think about this on a personal level. Try to understand what makes you, you. Taking a moment to jot down the key reasons you get up every morning can help you view your purpose more holistically, and enable you to stay motivated in the face of creative challenges. In short, if you know what you want, you’ll be more motivated to find multiple (read: more creative) solutions that help you get there.
  3. Go to a toy store or play a game of pretend 
    The best thing about kids is that they believe in and can envision life’s possibilities. They don’t yet fully understand the meaning of “no.” This is most evident when they are in “play mode.” In this mode, they evade hypothetical lava, transform into superheroes, and become the rulers of as yet undiscovered planets. While this sort of distance from reality isn’t something adults should aspire to each and every day, it’s empowering to forget about life’s limitations for a moment. So ask yourself this, if I could be anywhere, doing anything, and the limits of physics, time and biology did not apply to me, what would I be? Would you be a waiter teleporting platters of space food to weary space travelers inside a diner on mars? Or an explorer venturing into the center of the sun in an old Cadillac? This isn’t only the stuff great graphic novels are made of. These scenarios help you move past the everyday limitations we place on ourselves. About who we are and what we’re capable of. They enable us to see that our imagination is fun, funny and even a little bizarre. And, as a result, we become more comfortable returning to this place to learn and evolve more.

At HDMZ, we believe everyone has the capacity for creativity. We'll continue to share our ideas here!