Sure, we might all work at the same agency, but that definitely doesn’t mean we all read the same thing or for the same reasons! HDMZers have a thirst for knowledge by nature. It’s part of our brand. Reading can be an escape for some, a journey for others, but a learning opportunity for all. Take a look at what some of our team members have been picking up recently!

Hooshna Amaria
Vice President, Client Services

The story about how polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing was developed is truly stranger than fiction, including an appearance from a talking, glowing raccoon. But the ‘true story’ of PCR today is one of saving lives by identifying viruses through the amplification of genetic material so that the alien virus can be seen.

Ava McLean
Motion Graphics Intern

As a self proclaimed history buff, this article about the history of Constantinople (now in modern day Turkey) and its association with the Byzantine Empire fascinates me. What is truly interesting about this city is that even though Rome was thought to have fallen around 400 A.D., Roman emperors continued to rule through Constantinople. There's something almost romantic about that to me.

Dillon Allie
SVP, Client Services

“OK, Google. What’s the Whopper sandwich?” The 2017 Super Bowl ad that blew up Google Homes with one of the most viral campaigns ever was a risky play that paid dividends for Burger King. I am inspired by the creativity and ingenuity behind a move that bet smartly all on cutting-edge technology sparking delight for audiences.

Christine Bennett
VP, Digital Marketing

We're all following the shifts towards a cookieless future, but with the recent IAB revelation that their own TCF may be found in breach of GDPR, I am looking forward to a stronger movement in 2022 towards natural language processing and contextual targeting for a more privacy-centric philosophy for relevant, strategic advertising. But, I take nothing at face value, so the data supporting the effectiveness of contextual targeting—such as this study from Search Engine Land—is what I've been reading and nerding out about lately!