Think about the healthiest, most mature personal relationships you’ve ever had. What do they have in common? My guess is that trust, transparency, support, accountability, equality and love are at the top of the list.

We believe adding the word “client” in front of the word “relationship” shouldn’t change that formula. Sure, the client is signing the invoice, and that can alter the dynamics of any relationship. But for HDMZ, that shouldn’t overshadow the basic tenets so important in cultivating a meaningful and long-lasting partnership. In fact, it’s why our average client tenure is 8 years.

We believe the key to nurturing healthy, happy clients is simple, and is built on trust and love.

  1. Trust – Do we consistently deliver on our promise? Does the final work product generate the results we’ve mutually agreed to achieve?
  2. Love – Is your project our number-one priority and something we genuinely enjoy doing?

If we can confidently and continually answer “yes” to those two questions, we’re holding up our end of the deal.

As in any good relationship, though, it takes two to tango. In reviewing our most meaningful client engagements over the years, the best clients also reciprocate our trust and love. They believe in the value of great work, and recognize what we’re attempting to do to help make their businesses flourish.

As in any relationship, however, it’s unrealistic to think that every day will be bliss. Things happen. But with 51/49, we’re both willing to forgive each other, listen to wild ideas that might be worth trying and ensure that we’re committed to each other’s success.