HDMZ has capitalized on one of Google’s newest platform upgrades, Data Studio. This best-in-class reporting platform, although currently still in beta, provides a seamless way to integrate performance metrics from multiple channels into a single customizable dashboard. Our favorite feature is the direct data source connectors that allow the report to see data straight from the marketing platform—no delays or data-cleaning required.

Our media and digital marketing teams have begun implementing Data Studio reports for all new marketing initiatives. The reports can be viewed as a read-only online dashboard (with similar permissions setup as other Google Apps/Integrations), or exported as PDF or in CSV for each data widget.

See for yourself how clean, standardized, branded, and seamless the reporting can be:

A graph displaying website traffic performance.
A screenshot of advertising campaign data trends.
A screenshot of the HDMZ.com Data Studio report

We’re encouraging all clients receiving legacy report formats to switch to the new Data Studio format for more accurate and easy-to-read metrics.

Not yet receiving reports but want to see what HDMZ + Google can do to elevate your website performance data analysis? Drop us a line at client.services@hdmz.com.