Sure, we might all work at the same agency, but that definitely doesn’t mean we all read the same thing or for the same reasons! HDMZers have a thirst for knowledge by nature. It’s part of our brand. Reading can be an escape for some, a journey for others, but a learning opportunity for all. Take a look at what some of our team members have been picking up recently!

John Pantlind
VP, Media

Between working from home disruptions and the damage to the environment, a silent and eco-friendly leaf blower should totally be Tesla’s new project...after space, that is. The moment these make it to market, I’m buying one for each of my neighbors!

Dillon Allie

Pappyland by Wright Thompson - A story of family, fine bourbon and things that last

  1. Storytelling is essential. It’s what connects us to our past and our future. It also helps to sell products.
  2. Nostalgia is the most powerful element of storytelling and its why it’s so often seen in marketing.
  3. Science is everywhere. The best bourbons are made by highly sophisticated chemists branded as artisanal craftsmen. That said, much like developing a biosimilar, so many external factors go into the final product beyond what’s on the mash bill (recipe).
  4. Fine things are meant to be shared. It’s the very moment and memory that the fine thing creates that’s important. The moments endure. And turn into stories.

Miriam Hyman
Scientific Copywriter, Content

All Things Bright and Beautiful, written by James Harriot, follows the author's experiences as a pre-penicillin vet in the Yorkshire Dales of Northern England. The book illustrated to me how much the medical, scientific and technological fields that I write about now have transformed since the 1930s, when the narrative took place. In contrast, the empathetic and humorous storytelling was a reminder that despite our evolving knowledge and new technologies, people have remained essentially the same.

Ashley Teague
Senior Art Director

Think Again, by Adam Grant, is about "the power of knowing what you don't know" and embracing the joy of being wrong. Adam is an organizational psychologist and one of Wharton's top-rated professors, and the book is chock full of evidence based stories about rethinking your stance on just about everything. If you want to continue to be successful at work and life, Think Again might be the push you need to re-examine your beliefs (I would highly recommend the audio book!).

Chad Berryman
Senior Technical Developer

New, nature-inspired concepts for turning carbon dioxide into clean fuels

More and more scientists are coming up with ways to do things better based on what nature already does for us.

In this article, the researchers are trying to produce a better fuel that has been converted from CO2 without the unwanted by-products that current methods produce. They looked into using Enzymes as the catalyst for production. Currently there is a trade off between obtaining a cleaner fuel with less by-products, but less efficiency, and more efficiency but with many by-products.

By combining two enzymes, one to produce the fuel and the other to manage and alter the chemical solution so the enzymes don’t fall apart, they were able to produce a fuel with 18 times more efficiency with no by-products.

This would be yet another tool that might be used to help with clearing up green-house gasses. However, to scale up production, a synthetic catalyst will need to be designed and created to do what the enzymes do now.

Hopefully we can get there soon.