During the challenges of the past year, fostering a stronger sense of purpose has become increasingly important for everyone. That includes the way in which they view brands and their contributions to the greater good.

It’s not the “what,” the “who,” or the “where” for many consumers looking to engage with today’s brands. It’s the “why” that counts. That means, your brand’s purpose needs to be an authentic representation of your values and belief system, and you should work to deliver your purpose every day. It’s simple, but not always easy.

The B2C yogurt, Chobani, is a great example of a brand that lives and breathes its purpose every day. As a company, it believes in better food for more people and strives to democratize access to healthier options. Chobani publicly says, “Good food is a right, not a privilege.”

When the company donated $50,000 to help underprivileged kids eat hot, healthy school lunches, the world took notice. This public service attracted $3 million in free, positive publicity because it was viewed as an extension of what the company stood for all along.

Chobani has brilliantly illustrated that PR is most effective when it ties back to a company’s higher purpose. Customers, reporters and the general public regard it as a genuine act of kindness, not a stunt for publicity. And genuine acts always make for more interesting stories.

For those looking for a primer on articulating their brand’s purpose, here are the four pillars with which every brand should start:

  • Your purpose needs to be bigger than your product, treatment or service
  • You need to make sure you and your employees live and breathe your purpose every day
  • Your customers need to see proof that your company’s actions reflect your purpose
  • You need to demonstrate that you’re truly working to make the world a better place

Let’s be clear about one thing: It’s easier to do this when your product, science, solution or service helps save lives. But, a purpose that communicates a goal beyond what you are selling helps to further demonstrate you’re in this for the greater good.

Now, to start, think about the reason you got into this in the first place. Why do you exist in this industry? What are you really working to change? What small acts of kindness seem most inspirational to you? Which feels right for your brand?

At HDMZ, we can help you explore these questions, effectively articulate your purpose and draw the attention your brand deserves, as well as help you make the world an even better place.