Our experts have spent their careers learning their craft, honing their skills and implementing the most effective marketing, engagement and public relations strategies to help healthcare and life science brands transform the world. Let's dive in, shall we?

Achieving operational excellence as a small agency: Benefits for the agency and our partners

Learn how HDMZ prioritizes good operational practices such as data-driven decisions, financial management, and scalability to benefit both our agency and our partners.

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The power of storytelling in science communication

Find out what makes storytelling such an effective tool in helping audiences connect to and understand scientific concepts in a blog by HDMZ’s managing editor.

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Halfway through 2024, cautious optimists have reason to celebrate

BIO 2024 serves a mid-year barometer for how the life sciences industry is faring, and so far, the industry has responded with excitement.

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AI in biotech is leading to unimagined approaches to improving human health

The power of AI is finally starting to show promise for improving human health. Learn about some of the most innovative AI-based companies HDMZ is watching in the biotech sector.

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A Beginner’s Guide to ASCO

Read on for a detailed guide on navigating the ASCO conference in HDMZ's home city, Chicago!

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Emphasizing the Human Element of the Client-Agency Relationship

Explore how the empathy, fairness and creativity within HDMZ's culture shape our client relationships and embrace human connections and collaboration

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A Quick Q&A with DNA

It’s DNA day! To celebrate, the content team at HDMZ spoke to a very special guest: DNA, who told us about itself, why it’s more stable than RNA (drama!), and why it gets to play such an important role in your life – and the life of every other living thing.

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Recap: HDMZ Annual Agency Summit 2024

Explore key industry learnings on teamwork, partnership, and more from HDMZ’s annual summit — and find out why it’s an event that the whole agency looks forward to.


Small Molecules are Exciting Again with AI’s Help

Our experts have been closely watching the AI gold rush in biotech and think that it will lead to a boom in small molecule drug development.

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Visual Design and UX: The PB & J of Web Development

Imagine that your website was recently redesigned to be more sleek and eye-catching. It looks exactly how you hoped it would, and it should be helping you reach your engagement goals. But, it just isn’t giving you the results you wanted. What’s more, you keep getting user contacts and support tickets for information that’s already on your site. How can your brand-new site be underperforming like this?

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